We unearthed and uploaded some film footage from the best period in rock-history.
Some rarely seen before.
Enjoy these channels!!

Note: The date in red shows the last time we added new clips to that particular channel
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Artist US:
Big Brother and The Holding Company 2008-05-27
Doors 2008-06-02
Electric Prunes
Iron Butterfly 2008-05-25
Jefferson Airplane 2008-05-24
Lovin' Spoonful

Artist UK:
Pink Floyd 2008-05-27
Pretty Things 2008-05-22
Small Faces 2008-06-04
Soft Machine

60's Instrumentals 2008-06-07
60's Garage Clips - Part 1 2008-05-25
60's Garage Clips - Part 2 2008-06-07
60's Obscurity 2008-06-21
60's US Psychedelia 2008-06-08
60's US Pop 2008-06-21

2008-05-25 Australia
2008-06-06 Scandinavia
2008-06-01 United Kingdom

2008-05-24 Continental 70's
2008-05-26 80's Music

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Soon to come....
Continental 60's / US 60's / 60's weirdness / 60's Continental Psychedelia

Artists US:
Beach Boys / Buffalo Springfield / Byrds / Captain Beefheart / Vanilla Fudge

Artists UK:
Kinks / Rolling Stones / Troggs /

70's - 90's:
70's USA / 80's Euro

The Electric Prunes

Pink Floyd

The Kinks