The Persian Market

Doug Cochrane Recalls The Persian Market The four songs are: 1. Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White 2. Flash In The Pan 3. The Wind Is Ours 4. The Gamma Gooce

#1 was originally done by a group called the Standells. No idea where they were from or what happened to them.

# 2 was our song. It was released May 13, 1967. Recorded at La Louisianne Recording Studio in Lafayette, LA. It was released on the Lightning Record label owned by two guys, Ben Skolnick (deceased) from Mobile, AL. (he played trumpet with the old Buddy Morrow Band that made the song Night Train in the big band era) and Eddy Raven (real name Edward Futch from here in Lafayette, La. Eddy is now in Nashville and he writes and plays country tunes). The Lightning Label was a short lived local label, but they did record songs by another local group called The Roamin' Togas. Flash In The Pan was written by our vocalist, L. Dehart and our bass player, T. Ranson. Both from here in Lafayette, LA. They went to Lafayette High School.

#3 was also our tune. It was the flip side of Flash. It was written by our rythm guitar/vocalist, B Dehart. He went to Cathedral High School (as I did).

#4 was orignially done by the Kingsmen. These are the same people that did Louie Louie. I don't know where they were from or what happened to them. I don't know how Eva Records reissued all four since #1 and #4 were never released. We (the guys in the band, yes, we are all still friends and stay in touch regularly) suspect the original master tape was acquired by Eva Records some way. This master tape was the only place we ever recorded #1 and # 4.

The guys in the band were: Lee DeHart, vocals, from Lafayette, LA (he went to Lafayette High School). He's now in Colorado; Tommy Ranson, bass and vocal. From Lafayette High School, and he still lives here in Lafayette, LA; Brad DeHart, vocals and rhythm guitar. From Cathedral High School, he still lives here in Lafayette; Doug Cochrane (me), lead guitar. From Cathedral High School, and still here in Lafayette; Doug Begneaud, organ. From Cathedral High School and still here in Lafayette; Keith Thibodeaux, drums. From Lafayette High School, in Jackson, MS. Keith was the actor that played the part of Little Ricky on the I Love Lucy show for many years before he moved back to Lafayette as a teenager; Joe Stein, percussion and vocal. From Cathedral High, now lives in Washington, DC. The Manager was Ben Skolnick. The two road guys were Sammy Guilbeaux and Craig Mays The guy who ran the recording studio is now in a nursing home, but his son David runs the place. He is asking us if we would consent to him releasing a compilation album of various local groups like us (the Persian Market).

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