Date: Febr. 12 2003
At this location I like to inform everybody interested, about major events, changes and developments regarding this 'BEYOND THE BEAT GENERATION' stream-radio-programm.
Up till today I think the playlist has its identity, and all musical styles are now presented. I'm still focusing on the garage, 60's punk and psychedelia from the U.S.A. and Canada, and later try to include all gems from Europe, U.K., Australia, New Zealand and other areas. When you have any comments, additional information, suggestions, unreleased treasures, recordings, pictures, ideas or critics, please do not hesitate to use the DISCUSSION & MESSAGE FORUM . Do you want your message to be private, then please email me.
Did you survive the 60's, do you have a story, were you in one of those groups, or did you see one or another?? - Please share your story with us. I love to publish it, so report your memories or story here.
Do you appreciate 'BEYOND THE BEAT GENERATION', please sign the guestbook.
Great music should be shared -- I still do not understand why this is a one-of-a-kind!!!
A shame that all this great music was only made within a short period of time between 1965 and 1968, but thanks to digital technology and the internet, that we now all can enjoy the best in music again 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as long as my provider accepts, what I am up to......

Date: April 30 2008
Another nice and easy tool has been added to this website yesterday!
A search-engine for my radio-playlist. -- Leaving it all empty and press enter you see them all. You can also combine (querry): Artist, Title, Label, configuration, date, city or home and this provides full and efficient information. -- I'm now working on an option to add your comments to the whole.
Date: April 30 2008
Video concept has been changed
I combined the musical footage into channels. Just click and enjoy.
I will regulary add new 'old' clips. Do you have any suggestions? -- Feel free to contact me.
Date: Jan. 08 2007
The news of today is big time.
Today I launched a video-clip service
Go to the video-link on the left and enjoy some great clips out of the best days of R'nRoll.
I'm an archivist of musical clips for over 30 years now. Thanks to YouTube we can now archive an unlimited quantity of film footage, without needing a huge amount of web-space (webspace is expensive). Todays technology allow us to archive without limitation.
I noticed that 100's of great clips are hidden between 100.000's of meaningless footage on the internet.
Besides that, I'm uploading regulary interesting clips out of our archive, making it available on Beyondthebeatgeneration website.
Please return every now and then and also see what you hear 24 hours a days and 7 days a week.
Let me know if this service is valuable for you!
Do You have or discover any footage available on VHS, MPEG, AVI, TheNet, film or DVD we might not have -- Please contact me!

Date: June 05 2005
The news of today is bad news.
Since the 1st of June I had to close down my 128kbps high quality connection, since a lack money forced me to stop this service.
I won't give up hope to have this service again available soon.
What I'm looking for right now is the following:
1. Somebody who likes and can afford to pay for this broadband connection or free service somewhere.
2. I'm talking with companies, which can offer a service of subscription to one guaranteed 128 kbps connection against low rate. I hope to be able to set this up soon.
My 56 kbps service will then remain free of charge, available to everybody. -- When you are interested to listen in superb quality of 128 kbps, then take a subscription for this service when available.
I hope to continue this story soon. Untill then -- enjoy................

Date: December 18 2004
Increase the sound quality of Beyond The Beat Generation and your equipment!!
We now broadcast in MP3PRO quality!!!
Be sure to take full advantage and participate. When you download and install the WINAMP MP3PRO plug-ins onto your system next to the usual WINAMP player or any other MP3 player, you are able to listen in much better sound-quality!!
This WINAMP MP3PRO plug-in upgrades our 24 kbps stream then to 48 kbps on your equipment.
Our 56 kbps stream will increase the sound quality on your system to 128 kbps (close to CD quality!)
Our 64 kbps stream will sound on your system in 128+ kbps quality (around 140-150 kbps)
I recommend everybody to take a few minutes and follow these steps. Your listening pleasure will be a much higher one!!
You can download the MP3PRO plug-ins for free HERE.
Date: December 12 2004
We have included a broadband connection in 128Kbps for fast connections.
We are very happy to be able to offer you a 1:1 quality broadcast to 45's or LP's. Be sure to obtain DSL, cable or fiber glass connection, so you're able to enjoy this stream at maximum pleasure.
Also check out regulary the 'quotes' site. Here you find comments by fellow addicts, collectors or members of many involved........
Date: March 25 2004
We have included a smallband connection in 24Kbps for dial-up connection.
When you do not own ISDN, CABLE, DSL, ADSL or Fiberglass connection, but only a modem, then click on the small record-player icon on the left. You should be able to listen then -- Please let me know if that works.
Date: February 22 2004
Good news for dial up internet connectors!! - In appr. 1 month I will obtain a fiber-glass connection at home with an up- and download connection of 10MBps. I will then also install a slow-speed connection to my stream, so everyone can easily connect to this webradio then.
Please stay tuned to this website.
Date: January 6 2004
We have included a new section named Interviews. This site contains all interviews Mike Dugo of www.60sgaragebands.com 'fame collected in one and a half year time. Mike plans to publish every month a few interviews with long gone legendary garage bands as he locates the persons behind all those great band-names as long as they're alive............
Were you in one of those bands? .............or maybe your father was?? -- Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us....please. Let's tell the world before it's too late.
Date: December 21 2003
Today we celebrate our one year jubilee! - Todays playlist is 6400 tracks and still growing. We like to thank everybody who got in touch with us and offered some tunes to be included soon. We are still far from a complete track-list of great unknown sixties. Please stay tuned.............
Date: November 17 2003
Since we switched from our Belgium server to a new provider in California we had lotsa complains, since European listeners had trouble tuning into our stream. Too many rebuffering and dropouts. Since today we also installed an European provider based in Germany. I hope European listeners have a smooth connection now too. The playlist has grown now close to 6100 tracks.
Date: November 02 2003
BEYOND THE BEAT GENERATION is now available in 56Kbps and 24 Kbps. We changed provider and now stream through California, EGIHosting.com. We expect and hope that this provider will stabilize our streams. The good news is that people with a slow internet connection now also should be able to listen. Please comment any tips and tricks you like to see in order to increase our connection.
Date: October 17 2003
Today we celebrate that we passed 6000 tracks............
Over 260 hours of wild 60's without repetition - We also like to stress that among the tracks within this playlist you find several unheard, uncomped treasures. For the average listener who enjoy this style of music we now mixed in some known material like The Doors or Velvet Underground, to create a deja vu feeling every now and then. We can promise you to include many more other unknown material soon, so please stay tuned. Any feedback will be appreciated. Please have a look within your collection and see if you can contribute to this alive playlist. All 'Beatles' tracks within the stream are unusual, unreleased demo- or studio-takes.............
Date: July 3 2003
Today we celebrate that we passed the 5100 songs............
Please note that contributors are most welcome.
Our goal is to include a complete playlist of all the great sixties recorded worldwide. In Particular we need contributors for South and Middle America.
Date: April 27 2003
Playlist has over 4000 tracks since today.
We included an HTML file, and show assorted where most bands came from. - Whenever you have corrections, please contact us, any help on this is highly appreciated!
Please note that these files are heavy ones and need some time to load into your browser.
Date: March 24 2003
Since today you can reach us under the following adresses as well:
Playlist contains more than 3500 tracks since today.
Date: March 9 2003
I added the first pile of Australian and New Zealand tracks to the playlist. I also noticed that I need assistance there. I just do not have all information needed to complete that section. Any off-the-wall gems? Playlist increased to 3134 tracks.....
Date: March 2 2003
Today 2895 tracks within playlist. - I added an alphabetical playlist to the site, so everyone interested can easily look through the playlist. Today I added 'Hunger', 'The Other Half' and many unknown garage 45's to the playlist.
I also received some radio advertisements from my pal Paul, who is on holidays in Australia, from 'Technicolor Web Of Sound'. Check out his station, when you're ready for some cool 60's psychedelia -- Then click here.

Date: Febr.18 2003
Fought myself through a pile of Canadian and Louisiana 45's to be added to the station within the next days. Some killer tracks among them. stay tuned for more.
Date: Febr.16 2003
I added 'Ultimate Spinach', 'Wizards From Kansas', 'Wizard' and 'Them' on Tower to the stream.
'Beyond The Beat Generation' is now also member of Webring.
Date: Febr.12 2003
Today I added some interesting recordings by Thee Sixpence, Strawberry Sac and The Strawberry Alarm Clock.

The Bobby Fuller Four

The Choir

The Haunted