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US Bands.
Bards (Wash)
CA Quintet (Minn)
Clear light (Cal)
Country Joe McDonald (Cal)
Country Joe & The Fish (Cal)
The Electric Prunes (Cal)
The Electric Prunes Shows(Cal)
Faine Jade (Mass)
Ford Theatre (Mass)
Four More (Tx)
Gandalf (NY)
Gants (Miss)
Jim Morrison (Cal)
Kenny and The Kasuals (Tx)
Left Banke (1) (NY)
Left Banke (2) (NY)
Litter (Minn)
Little Boy Blues (Ill)
Lothar And The Hand People (NY)
Mods (Ohio)
Monks (Germany)
Moonrakers (Colorado)
Myddle Class (NJ)
Outcasts (Texas)
Remains (Mass)
Rainy Days (Mich)
Rocking Roadrunners (Fla)
Silver Apples (NY)
Sweetarts (Tx)
Tangerine Zoo (Mass)
West Coast Pop Art Exp.Band (Cal)
William Penn and his Pals (Cal)

UK Bands.
Downliners Sect
Pretty Things
Brum Beat - West Midland's 60's

Canadian Bands.
Village S.T.O.P. (Ontario, Canada)
Collectors (Vancouver, B.C. Canada)
Quid (Winnipeg, Canada)
Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck (Vancouver, B.C. Canada)

Australian Bands.
Loved Ones (Melbourne)
Tol-Puddle Martyrs (Bendigo)

Netherlands Bands.
Mods (Utrecht)
Zipps (Dordrecht)
Group $oall (Hillegom)
Q65 (The Hague)
Motions (From The Hague)
Group 1850 (The Hague)
Dutch Encyclopedia A-Z
Dutch 60's groups: Nederbeat.

German Bands.

Austrian Bands.
Database Austrian Bands

: Online archive of photographs, records, record sleeves, lyrics, books, magazines, stories dealing with Irish bands in the 1960s
G45 - The US-Top1000 Rarest Garage Singles
Borderline Books - The Bible of 60's
The Garage - All about Garage music
Irish‘60s Showbands & Beat-Groups Archive
Online compilation database
My First Band!
60's Garage Bands
New England Music Scrapbook
60's bands of the great Pacific North West
Popsike - Rare records auction results
Beyond The Calico Wall

Record Labels.
Music Maniac Records (60's Rebellion)
Crypt Records (Back From The Grave)
Sundazed Records
Fuzz, Flaykes & Shakes
Cicadelic Records
Rockadelic Records
Arkansas 60's (Lost Souls)

'Cool' stuff.
60s underground + design products
GaragePunk.com Forums - The place to meet!!
Trash Compactor - Cathedral Of Cool
Dutch Sixties Beatgroups
Fine Recording Studio Remains
The Garage
Over 1250 Hey Joe's
Online 60's videos
My videos
The Video Beat! 50s to 60s rnroll on video
60's Garage Interviews

Online Magazines.
Perfect Sound Forever
Ugly Things
Fufkin Online zine - pop, indie rock, psych, punk
The Now Sound Of..:

Psychedelic links.
U-Space - A psychedelic Music Discussion Group
Pooters Psychedelic Shack
Plastic Tales from the Marshmallow Dimention
Psychedelic Music Net

Right Place to purchase.
BTBG records for sale