Mike Dugo's Interviews.

A - ¦1910 Fruitgum Company (NY)¦ ¦Afterglow (Cal)¦ ¦Aldermen (Cal)¦ ¦Alibis (NY)¦ ¦American Revolution (Cal)¦ ¦Angry (Ohio)¦ ¦Argonauts (NY)¦ ¦Assemblage (MI)¦

B - ¦Bachs (Ill)¦ ¦Bad Roads (La)¦ ¦Bad Seeds (Tx)¦ ¦Band Without A Name (Cal.)¦ ¦Bards (Wash)¦ ¦Bare Facts (Ohio)¦ ¦Bark Of Paper Mulberry (Mich)¦ ¦Bats (Pa)¦ ¦Beach Nuts (NJ)¦ ¦Bees (Cal)¦ ¦Berkley Five (Fla)¦ ¦Better Half Dozen (La)¦ ¦Bittervetch (Ohio)¦ ¦Blades Of Grass (NY)¦ ¦Blazers (Ga)¦ ¦Blue Fever (Cal)¦ ¦Blue Grass (Ill)¦ ¦Blue Light (Wa)¦ ¦Bojax (S.Car)¦ ¦Bonnevilles (Ohio)¦ ¦Boss Tweads (Minn)¦ ¦Briks (Tx)¦ ¦Brymers (Cal)¦ ¦Brutus and The Bullies (Wash)¦ ¦Bummers (Mich)¦ ¦Burgundy Runn (NM)¦

C - ¦C.A. Quintet (Minn)¦ ¦Cannons (Wisc)¦ ¦Cavemen (NY)¦ ¦Chazy Westport System (NY)¦ ¦Cellar Dwellers (NM)¦ ¦Cherry Slush (Mich)¦ ¦Chevelle Five (Tx)¦ ¦Chesmann Square (Kansas)¦ ¦Children Of The Mushroom (Cal)¦ ¦Chosen Few (Maine)¦ ¦Chosen Few (Il)¦ ¦City Zu (Wa)¦ ¦Coachmen (Ne)¦ ¦Coachmen (Okla)¦ ¦Coffeehouse Blues (Mich)¦ ¦Collegiates (Ind)¦ ¦Combinations (Pa)¦ ¦Concussions (Mich)¦ ¦Cory Wells and The Enemys (Cal)¦ ¦Cough Medicine Company (Mo)¦ ¦Count & The Colony (Mich)¦ ¦Count Five (Cal)¦ ¦Crabs (Tx)¦ ¦Crystal Garden (Cal)¦

D - ¦Dan Gates (Producer) (Az)¦ ¦Daze Of The Week (Wash)¦ ¦Damnation Of Adam Blessing (Oh)¦ ¦Daybreakers (Ohio)¦ ¦Dearly Beloved (Az)¦ ¦Deepest Blue (Cal)¦ ¦Detroit Soul (Conn)¦ ¦Dolphins (Tx)¦ ¦Donnybrooks (Cal)¦ ¦Donnybrooks(2) (Cal)¦ ¦Doughboys (NJ)¦ ¦Dovers (Cal)¦ ¦Dr.T & The Undertakers (Fla)¦ ¦Dynamic Distortions (Ohio)¦

E - ¦Ed Salamon and The Headliners (Pa)¦ ¦Eastside Kids (Cal)¦ ¦Edicates (Ohio)¦ ¦Elastik Band (Cal.)¦ ¦E-Types (Cal)¦ ¦Epics (Wash)¦ ¦Epics Combo (N.Car.)¦ ¦Eric and The Norsemen (Ks)¦ ¦Esquires (Ar)¦ ¦Esquires (NY)¦ ¦Euphoria's Id (Maine)¦ ¦Excels (Tx)¦ ¦Exides (Ill)¦

F - ¦Fallen Angels (Mich)¦ ¦Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2 (NM)¦ ¦Fifth Estate (CT)¦ ¦Fifth Row Bac (Or)¦ ¦Flight 13 (Cal.)¦ ¦Ford Theatre (Mass)¦ ¦Forum Quorum (NY)¦ ¦Four More (Tx)¦ ¦Friar Tuck & The Monks (Ks)¦ ¦Fugue (Fla)¦

G - ¦Galaxies IV (NJ)¦ ¦Gang (Mich)¦ ¦Gaslite Village (NY)¦ ¦Gears (Ohio)¦ ¦Gentlemen (TX)¦ ¦Gents Five / Leaves Of Grass (Fla)¦ ¦Ghosters (Mich)¦ ¦Glass Prism (NY)¦ ¦Gnats (Tx)¦ ¦Golden Voice Studio (Ill)¦ ¦Grains Of Sand (Cal.)¦ ¦Grapes Of Wrath (Wisc)¦ ¦Graveyard Five (Cal)¦ ¦Grayps (Ohio)¦ ¦Green Fuz (Tx)¦ ¦Green Fuz(2) (Tx)¦ ¦Greenstone Ivy (Fla)¦ ¦Grifs (NC)¦ ¦Griffith Harter Union (Ill)¦ ¦Grodes (AZ)¦ ¦Groop Ltd (NY)¦ ¦GTO's (Ohio)¦

H - ¦Hamilton Streetcar (Cal.)¦ ¦Hangmen (Md)¦ ¦Harbinger Complex (Cal)¦ ¦Headband (Oh)¦ ¦Headliners (Pa)¦ ¦Hedds (Cal)¦ ¦Holy Ghost Receptive Committee #9 (NY)¦ ¦Human Expression (Cal)¦

I - ¦Id (Cal)¦ ¦In (Ala)¦ ¦Intruders (Fla)¦ ¦Intruders (Mich)¦ ¦Invictas (NY)¦

J - ¦Jackals (Tx)¦ ¦Jackson Investment Co. (Fla)¦ ¦Jades (Mich)¦ ¦Jades (Mich)¦ ¦Jagged Edge (NY)¦ ¦Jolly Beggars (NY)¦ ¦Ju Ju's (Mich)¦ ¦Just Us Five (Okla)¦

K - ¦K-Otics (Ala)¦ ¦KanDells (Minn)¦ ¦Keith Murphy and The Daze (Ind)¦ ¦Kempy & The Guardians (Tx)¦ ¦Kenny and The Kasuals (Tx)¦ ¦King Midas & The Muflers (Ks)¦ ¦King's Ransom (Pa)¦ ¦Kitchen Cinq (Tx/Cal)¦ ¦Knaves (Ill)¦ ¦Knightsmen (Ind)¦ ¦Kolor Korporation (Fla)¦ ¦Kon-Taks (VT)¦

L - ¦Larry & The Blue Notes (Tx)¦ ¦Leaves (Cal)¦ ¦Legends (Cal)¦ ¦Lee Riders (Cal)¦ ¦Lee Riders(2) (Cal.)¦ ¦Legions (Pa)¦ ¦Lil'Boy Blues (Cal)¦ ¦Limits (Pa)¦ ¦Lites (NJ)¦ ¦Little Caesar & The Blues Notes (Mi)¦ ¦Little John & The Sherwoods (Ma)¦ ¦Lollipop Shoppe (Nev)¦ ¦London and The Bridges (NY)¦ ¦Lord Allan and Sir William (Maine)¦ ¦Lost Souls (Ohio)¦ ¦Lost Souls (Cal)¦

M - ¦Magnificent Seven (KY)¦ ¦Magic Mushroom (Cal)¦ ¦Mark V (Ohio)¦ ¦Martha's Laundry (Cal.)¦ ¦Mass (NY)¦ ¦Merrell & The Exiles (Cal)¦ ¦Mid-knights / Paradox (TN/FL)¦ ¦Mind Garage (W-Virg.)¦ ¦Mind Patrol (Mass)¦ ¦Minutemen (NY)¦ ¦Misanthropes (Cal)¦ ¦Misfits (Cal)¦ ¦Modds (Fla)¦ ¦Mods (Ohio)¦ ¦Mogan David and The Grapes Of Wrath (IL)¦ ¦Mogen David and The Grapes Of Wrath (Ind)¦ ¦Montage (NJ)¦ ¦Montells (Fla)¦ ¦Monuments (Okla)¦ ¦Morticians (Iowa)¦ ¦Morticians (Mich)¦ ¦Mott's Men (Vt)¦ ¦Mouse and The Boys (Fla)¦ ¦Music Explosion (Ohio)¦ ¦Mystery Meat (Ill)¦

N - ¦Nautiloids (Md)¦ ¦Neurotic Sheep (Tx)¦ ¦New Arrivals (Cal)¦ ¦New Colony Six (Ill)¦ ¦New Dimensions (Cal)¦ ¦New Generation (Cal.)¦ ¦New York Central (NY)¦ ¦New York Square Library (Fla)¦ ¦Newports (Ill)¦ ¦Next Five (Wisc)¦ ¦Nite Raiders (Ill)¦ ¦Nite Owls (Ill)¦ ¦Noblemen (Fla)¦ ¦Noblemen(2) (Mich)¦ ¦Noblemen(3) (Okla)¦ ¦No Left Turns (Wisc)¦ ¦Nomads (N.Car)¦

O - ¦Ones (CT)¦ ¦Only Ones (Tx)¦ ¦Opus 1 (Cal)¦ ¦Orpheus (Mass)¦ ¦Other Half (Ill)¦ ¦Outcasts (NY)¦ ¦Outspoken Blues (Ill)¦ ¦Ox Bow Incident (NY)¦

P - ¦P-Nut Butter (Az)¦ ¦Paegans (Il)¦ ¦Palace Guard (Cal)¦ ¦Parade (Cal)¦ ¦Paragons (NC)¦ ¦Paragons (Tx)¦ ¦Parish Hall Blues Quintet (Cal.)¦ ¦Pastels (Mich)¦ ¦Pastels (Wash.)¦ ¦Pebbles (Fla)¦ ¦Peck's Bad Boys (NY)¦ ¦Peck's Bad Boys (NY)¦ ¦Pedestrians (Mich)¦ ¦Pedestrians (Ill)¦ ¦Penetrations (S.Car.)¦ ¦Penthouse Five (Tx)¦ ¦Perpetual Sounds (Wash)¦ ¦Persian Market (La)¦ ¦Peter Wheat & The Breadmen (Cal)¦ ¦Per'Swa'Der...s (NJ)¦ ¦Phog (Cal)¦ ¦Piece Kor (Md)¦ ¦Preachers (Cal)<¦ ¦Proctor Amusement Co. (Fla)<¦ ¦Prophets (Va)¦ ¦Purple Gang (Cal)¦ ¦Queen's Way Mersey (Pa)¦

R - ¦Rainbow (Cal)¦ ¦Rainbow Press (NY)¦ ¦Red Beard and The Pirates (GA)¦ ¦Redcoats/Sidekicks (NJ)¦ ¦Redcoats (NJ)¦ ¦Reekers (Md.)¦ ¦Remains (Mass)¦ ¦Rhode Runners (Oh)¦ ¦Richard & The Young Lions (NJ)¦ ¦Ringers (Cal)¦ ¦Rising Tydes (Pa)¦ ¦Road Runners (CT)¦ ¦Rockin' Ramrods (Mass)¦ ¦Roemans (Fla)¦ ¦Ron Moody and The Centaurs (TN)¦ ¦Ron and The Starfires (Fla)¦ ¦Royal Aircoach (Mass)¦ ¦Rumors (Cal)¦ ¦Rumbles (Ne)¦

S - ¦S.J. and The Crossroads (Tx)¦ ¦Sandi & The Accents (Cal)¦ ¦Sapians (NY)¦ ¦Saturday's Garbage (NJ)¦ ¦Satyrs (Pa)¦ ¦Scoundrels (NY)¦ ¦Scoundrels (Fla)¦ ¦Second Time (Cal)¦ ¦Seeds Of Doubt (Ill)¦ ¦Seeds Of Time (AL)¦ ¦Shades Of Blue (Ill)¦ ¦Shadows 4 (Mass)¦ ¦Shadows Of Time (Mass)¦ ¦Shaggs (In)¦ ¦Shags (CT)¦ ¦Shags (CT)¦ ¦Shandells (Ala)¦ ¦Show Stoppers (NYC)¦ ¦Six Deep (Tx)¦ ¦Smokestack Lightnin' (Cal)¦ ¦Smoke Ring (Ne)¦ ¦Somebody's Children (Cal)¦ ¦Soul Searchers (Fla)¦ ¦Soup Greens (NY)¦ ¦Spats (Cal)¦ ¦Spiffys (Miss)¦ ¦Stack (Cal)¦ ¦Standells (Cal)¦ ¦Stanley and The Four Fendermen (Cal)¦ ¦Stanley and The Four Fendermen (2) (Cal)¦ ¦Stark Naked and The Car Thieves (Cal)¦ ¦Straight Jackets (Cal)¦ ¦Strangers (Mass)¦ ¦Pre-Stawberry Alarm Clock (Cal)¦ ¦Strimbling Blimbles (NJ)¦ ¦Styx (Cal)¦ ¦Sullies (Cal)¦ ¦Sundown Collection (Tx)¦ ¦Sweetarts (Tx)¦ ¦Swift Rain (Tx)¦ ¦Swiss Movement (Tx)¦ ¦Syndicate (Cal)¦

T - ¦Tamrons (NC)¦ ¦Tangerine Zoo (Rhode Island)¦ ¦Tantrum (Conn)¦ ¦Tarantels (Cal)¦ ¦T.H.E. (Cinc)¦ ¦Tears (Cal)¦ ¦Teddy and The Pandas (Mass)¦ ¦Tempests (Fla)¦ ¦Those Guys (Tx)¦ ¦Thunderbirds (Iowa)¦ ¦Third Booth (Ill)¦ ¦Thunderbolts (Vt)¦ ¦Tides-In (NY.)¦ ¦Traits (NY)¦ ¦Transatlantic Winkham Chicken #5 (Cal)¦ ¦Travis Pike's Tea Party (Mass)¦ ¦Tropics (Fla)¦ ¦Turning Image (Va)¦ ¦Twiliters (NY)¦

U-V - ¦Undecided (Mich)¦ ¦Undertakers (Fla)¦ ¦United Travel Service (Or)¦ ¦Uranus & The Five Moons (Conn)¦ ¦Us Too Group (Ohio)¦ ¦Vandals (Cal)¦ ¦Village Vandals / Rhythm Disciples (NY/NJ)¦ ¦Vipers (Ark)¦ ¦Vistas (VT)¦ ¦Vynes (Ill)¦

W - ¦Walking Stycks (Ind)¦ ¦Wayds (Or)¦ ¦Styx (Cal)¦ ¦Wee Four (NY)¦ ¦Weeds (Nev)¦ ¦We The People (Fla)¦ ¦Whatsits (Ky.)¦ ¦Wild Things (Ind)¦ ¦William Penn and His Pals (Cal)¦ ¦Wry Catchers (Tx)¦

Y-Z - ¦XL's (In)¦ ¦XL's (2)(In)¦ ¦Yellow Payges (Cal)¦ ¦Yellow Payges - 2 (Cal)¦ ¦Yo Yo's (NY)¦ ¦Youngmen (Cal)¦ ¦Zoofs (La)¦ ¦Zoofs(2) (La)¦ ¦Zookie & The Potentates (Mich)¦

"Copyrighted and originally printed on by Mike Dugo".
"Copyrighted and originally printed on The Lance Monthly by Mike Dugo".

"Listen live, online to their music at Beyond The Beat Generation, 60's garage and psychedelia".