Collector since 1965 and specialized in the obscure American 60's punk, garage or psychedelia. Here you hear the best in more than 37 years of record collecting. At last, he found a way to share the best music with anybody, anywhere, at anytime.

Collector of 60's music from Aalst, Belgium. Guido shares his collection too and fills some gaps within the BeyondTheBeatGeneration playlist. Appreciated!! Master of Soulseek - Locating many treasures

Maarten (Beat):
Only one freak of 60's music in Leeuwarden, Holland. Passioned Maarten is always on the look out for the great unknown, and truly does pick up material from different sources no-one can imagine ever excisted. Maarten promises to remain 21 years young. He lost his age in the sixties.

Obsessed 60's garage-freakbeat-surf 45 rpm collector from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Always on the look-out for unknown insane, uncomped 45 rpm's. There's still a lot out there, waiting to be discovered.....more than in a man's lifetime!

Owner of Technicolor Web Of Sound, another radio-stream playing psychedelic music. Paul provided many obscure radio-promo-spots and assisted in the set-up of this station.

Contributor for countless obscure 60's compilations. Erik is also the man behind his mail-order business: Beat Behind The Dykes, which is a highly recommended adress for purchasing many of the obscure sounds you hear at BEYOND THE BEAT GENERATION

Compiler of the insane and famous Prae-Kraut Compilations. He proves that the quality of German, Swiss and Austrian 60's can match with any other territory on earth.

We're looking for contributors!
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Do you like to share that music with other fans?
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We specific need help on Latin American, South American, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and French 60's recordings.
Any cool ones from there not included here?

Great Scots

Shadows Of Knight

Belfast Gypsies