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We unearthed and uploaded some musical film footage.
Some never seen before.
Enjoy this channel!!

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DAVE CLARK FIVE - I Need Love (Hold On) (1965)
DAVE CLARK FIVE - Instrumental (Hold On) (1965)
BOYS BLUE - You Got What I Want (Italian TV) (1966)
CREATION - Painter Man (Twien) (1966)
CREATION - Painter Man / If I Stay Too Long (Beat Beat Beat) (1966)
MINDBENDERS - Na Na Na / Midnight Hour / CC Rider (Beat Beat Beat) (1966)
MINDBENDERS - Groovy Kind Of Love / Don't Cry No More (Beat Beat Beat) (1966)
SEARCHERS - Love Potion Nr.9 / Sweets For My Sweets / CC Rider / Genie Genie (Beat Beat Beat) (1966)
SORROWS - You Got What I Want / No No No No / Take A Heart / Let Me In (Beat Beat Beat) (1965)
KOOBAS - Daddy Rolling Stone / Somewhere In The Night (Beat Beat Beat) (1965)
KOOBAS - Shake / Take Me For A Little While (Beat Beat Beat) (1966)
KOOBAS - You'd Better Make Up Your Mind / You Don't Love Me (Beat Beat Beat) (1966)
CREATION - I'm A Man / That's How Strong My Love Is (Beat Beat Beat) (1965)
CREATION - Making Time (Beat Beat Beat) (1965)
POETS - Now We're Thru (Shindig) (1965)
TOMORROW - My White Bicycle (Hoepla) (1968)
DAVE BERRY - Little Things (Beat Beat Beat) (1966)
SMOKE - My Friend Jack (Beatclub) (1966)
NASHVILLE TEENS - Tobacco Road (Hullabaloo) (1965-01-19)
THEM - Baby Please Don't Go (Ready Steady Go) (1965-01)
THUNDERCLAP NEWMAN - Something In The Air (Beatclub) (1969)
THUNDERCLAP NEWMAN - Something In The Air (Promo-Clip) (1969)

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